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What next?

Over the last month there’s been some behind the scenes activity, as we work out our next steps. Some of that is practical – chiefly, how we make the details of the accidents available to you in the most convenient and easily searchable format. But some of it is also more long-term, like what we do next and how we might extend the project to include more accidents.

At the moment we’re working to get the data – currently in 36 spreadsheets – combined into a single searchable sheet, which we’ll upload as soon as possible to ‘The Accidents’ page of this site.

What we then need is feedback from you – how you’re using the data, what you make of the project, what you’d like to see us do next, how valuable a contribution we’re making to your research, and so on. That will help us to make the case for an extension of the project – we’re particularly interested in the post-1918 period: as you can imagine, there were plenty of accidents, but the reports for this period are even more difficult to get hold of than those we’ve already used.

As always, if you’ve got any comments or thoughts, please let us know via our ‘Feedback’ page.

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