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Visual Data

There’s an awful lot of information in our project database, currently covering 1911-15: tens of thousands of data points. We know only too well that whilst all of that detail is crucial, it can be difficult to see the woods for the trees. So, with the help of a University of Portsmouth Graphic Design student, Adrian Floyde, we’ve created a series of data visualisations, to help unpick some of the information in the database. We’ve included these below, along with a 2-page render for print. Feel free to download and circulate these freely!

A note of caution: these visualisations tell us about absolute numbers, but not about cause-and-effect underlying the accidents. So, treat them carefully!

1911-15 data, deaths & injuries


1911-15 data, accidents investigated


1911-15 data, map of national figures


1911-15 data, national distribution of accidents


1911-15 data, outcomes of accidents


1911-15 data, where accidents occurred


1911-15 data, distribution of accidents by company


1911-15 data, ages of those involved in accidents


1911-15 data, casualties by time of day


RWLD print data vis, 2018 06 25