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Hear us speak – or invite us in!

We’re keen to get out and spread the word about the project and accidents to railway workers in the past. So we’ve got a few things coming up at which you can find out more.

Firstly there’s the Guild of One Name Studies day seminar, ‘Accidents will Happen’. It takes place on 24 February in Worcestershire, and looks like a great day. We’ve been involved in this one from the start, and it’s a great opportunity to think about the value of studying accidents across a range of spheres – at work, at sea, in coroners records and of course on the railways. All are welcome!

Then there’s the fascinating workshop taking place in Leeds in July, organised by the ‘Living with Dying’ project, and drawing together academics, family historians and others to explore how we can all work together. Details are still be confirmed, so we’ll add more information when we have it, but we’ll be introducing the project there & no doubt learning a lot again.

For later in this year we’re also looking at contributing to conferences and family history fairs – details to be posted when they’re confirmed, but there should be plenty of ways you can find out more about our project in person (as well, of course, as via this website).

And we’re open to suggestion, be it academic, practice-based, family historians, rail enthusiast, or whatever. So let us know if there’s an event coming up at which we could participate and we’ll see what we can do. We’re happy to give talks, too, so there’s plenty of scope. Just get in touch:

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