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Disability History Month – a guest post on the NRM’s blog

Just a quick post today – to say that we’re thrilled that as part of our collaborative work between the University of Portsmouth and the National Railway Museum, we’ve contributed a guest post to the NRM’s blog, for Disability History Month. We’ve only scratched the surface of industrial disability and the railways, so there’s great potential for the future.

In the post we consider the case of London & North Western Railway coupler F Dolphin, who lost his foot in 1910, and how the Company responded to his injury. Read the post here!

GWR artifical leg from the 1940s. NRM 2016-7075.

Our next post will be out on Christmas eve – we’ll be looking at the railways as an industry that never stopped, so exploring the accidents that took place on Christmas days between 1911 and 1914.

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