People Involved

We’ll be providing a bit more detail about the team running the project in due course, but for the time being, we are:

The volunteers

At the moment a core group of National Railway Museum volunteers has been augmented by a volunteer with the University of Portsmouth and the kind assistance of a number of members of the public who have offered their help. We’re currently checking with them all about whether they want their names to feature here, and if so, in what format.


Karen Baker, Librarian, National Railway Museum

Part of Karen’s role has been to identify, manage, and make accessible datasets created by teams of Museum volunteers working from home from across the UK and beyond. Karen has worked with various stakeholders from the railway community and universities in delivering these projects and is the Museum’s lead on the ‘Railway Work, Life & Death’ project.


Mike Esbester, Senior Lecturer, University of Portsmouth

Mike is Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Portsmouth, specialising in the history of transport and mobility, and in the history of accidents and safety in modern Britain. He is particularly interested in the history of railway worker safety, the subject of his forthcoming book under contract with Taylor & Francis. His Portsmouth staff page is available here.


Peter Thorpe, National Railway Museum

Peter has worked in Search Engine, the National Railway Museum’s Library and Archive centre, for over 10 years. Initially working in a public facing role, he currently manages the Search Engine public service as well as curating the museum’s library collections.


Craig Shaw, Administration Volunteer, National Railway Museum

Craig is the key point of contact with project volunteers, helping to arrange the work and ensure the logistics work as smoothly as possible. He has also been doing some of the data-checking, to ensure accuracy.

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